Sunday realization

Fast or slow,
find your rhythm.
High or low,
find your time.
From head to toe,
feel your system.
Let the energy flow,
and top-up your wisdom!
With a smile and glow,
conquer your kingdom!

Life is like a hammock.
Don't forget to rock!

Bag of memories

I walked into the room where I left my backpack.
My eyes involuntarily focused on the bag.
The bag contains a significant amount of luggage I had piled up over the past seven and a half years.
And somehow my mind quickly came up with the title of this post.
It also started thinking about all kinds of perspectives I should be having, and also how I should feel about it.
The questions which it evoked would seem rather simple:
"Is it good?"
"Is it bad?"
"Are you happy?"
"Are you sad?"
"Is it heavy?"
"Is it light?"
"Do you want to relive those days?"

In a nutshell, my mind provoked me to think about "Did it go well?" part.

I filled the bag yesterday while sorting out things and documents. I already knew that the bag would be heavy. But my heart did not feel as heavy while carrying it back home. It felt good to be alive and having a chance to go through the experiences.
I am glad I had something (that I like) …

Sting Ray

Simple and solid,
Nimble and neat.
Picked up a chrome sidewinder,
to unleash the retro rider.
The onlookers' jaws will drop,
but the pedaling can't stop!
Beckon the 'weapon',
and reckon it's heaven!
Code name - Sting Ray
It sure makes you sway!

After holding on to the dream of getting a fixie (fixed gear bicycle) for more than two years, I finally got one yesterday after trading out my mtb.
The Bike Affair folks were kind enough to give me a demo bike and ride for a week to make an informed decision. Sure enough, the experience only added weight to my choice. I revered the fixie in the very first Astr demo ride way back in 2015.
The experience back then was so good and fun, that I immediately connected to it. I started out with good caution after double checking both the brakes.
On encountering the first uphill, I thought I might need to grind a bit. But surprisingly, it tackles the up-hills very well! On the downhills, I just lifted off my legs and put them back…

300 BRM - Monsoon Edition

It's been a week already! The saddle soreness and numb palms from the 300 km brevet ride are still bothering me a bit, but the memories are still fresh :)
On 22-Jul-2017, I reached the start point of the brevet at around 4 AM (It was well before start time of 6 AM) by riding around 5 km to Balanagar and getting a lift from Vikranth. We thought of getting the bike check done and brevet card stamped at around 4:30 AM as we were told to reach the start point 1:30 hours before the start time. However, instead of the volunteers, we were warmly welcomed by a bunch of mosquitoes as soon as we got out of the car. We tried to sleep a bit, which, of course, did not happen. Slowly fellow riders Franklin, Prem, PV Sivaram, Pavan etc., arrived. Vishu and Rajeev too arrived, and we slowly got into chit-chatting and getting off the bikes from cars. Franklin had an issue with the rear tube and he had to change it even before we got to the bike check. Later on the festive atmosphere kicked in as …

2017 Heaven and Hell brevet - back to square one?

Two years after my first brevet, I was in a phase which I couldn't even remotely dream of a few years ago. Conquering brevets in 2015 and after that, riding and running a bit became my favourite morning routine. Recently I started eying a full marathon and started training for that.
Last Saturday, the super randonneur medal from 2015 season (along with a 200 km brevet medal from February 2016) finally reached me in the medal ceremony. It was nice to catch up with fellow riders. A few of them asked me if I was doing the infamous Heaven and Hell ride this time. I said I did not give it a thought yet. I was wondering if the brevet would come in the way of marathon training, but a fellow rider reminded me of need to stick to riding in order to run better.
Four days passed by and I found myself renewing my AIR BIB number and registering for the brevet without any planning. My only thought was - "What better way can I spend the coming weekend? :)"
Planned to leave early fro…

Chaotic Peace

Peace... Chaos!
Chaos... Peace!
Look around you...
The chaos seems to be peacefully surrounding you.
Look at you...
The peace seems to be in chaos.
Look closely...
The peace seems to volatile. Waiting to fade away at the slightest turbulence.
The chaos seems to be waiting to settle down.
Look at the people around you...
Many of them won't be able to make your peace stronger.
Few of them would share the peace, but leave with their share sooner or later... and might or might not come back often.
Very few of them pour in their peace to make you believe in it.
Sometimes, you might feel alone in chaos amidst a bunch of familiar faces.
Sometimes, you might feel the peace in you relaxing in the rocking chair when you are alone.
Look deep within...the absconding paranoid finds the nest to rest.
The peace might be chaotic... but the chaos would also be peaceful.
They co-exist like the 2 faces of a coin... chasing each other at every toss.

Now look at batman...
He might love to work alone…

Good times

Good times
Good old times
Good pals
Good old pals
Smooth roads
Ghastly roads
The beats
The variations in them
Feels lively all over again
Navigating the dirt roads
Vrooming up the ghat roads
Watching the waterfalls
Feeling the thundering sound
Getting excited about a tiger that could sneak up on you on a morning walk
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Its the road trip!!!

A sense of freedom is breaking the dawn
We were dancing in our seats without giving a damn
The lost glory was retold by the old songs collection
The moments were nothing short of perfection
The chips kept rolling
The nights kept waiting
We kept laughing
But didn't stop playing

Good times
Good old times
Good pals
Good old pals

From darkness to light
From daylight to twilight
The milestones kept whizzing by
The headbanging continues
From naps to snaps
Like a flowing river on versatile terrains
The road is our domain!
Once again, let's be insane!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Its the road trip!!!